July 30 – About Pre-Season (18 Days to Go)

July 30, 2014

Pre-SeasonHow it Works- – -

The following is an overview of HHS Girls Soccer Pre-Season for 2014 – this should be most helpful to those new to HHS:

Pre-season starts with an informational meeting for all players on Sunday August 17 – 4:00pm at the HHS Track. This will include introductions, overview of sessions to come and final reminders. Immediately following the meeting, candidates for the Varsity team will run a 1200 meter time trial on the track. (Information regarding pre-season testing has been posted under ‘Pre-Season ’14.)

Regular pre-season sessions will start on the morning of Monday August 18 and continue through the first day of school – Wednesday August 27. A detailed schedule for the first week will be posted on this blog during the next week – the remainder of the schedule will be posted before pre-season begins. While there will be ‘off’ days, soccer is a significant commitment over this period.

A great deal gets accomplished during pre-season:

Physical Testing – running and agility tests.
Tryouts  – there are three team levels: Varsity; Jr. Varsity and Reserve – all who register for soccer will be placed on a team. We encourage participation in the program and want everyone to play. Participation in all three teams includes a full training schedule and scheduled games over the course of the season.
Fitness – we hope that you have been spending time over the summer increasing your fitness and, when possible, playing soccer. Fitness levels will be ‘enhanced’ during pre-season.
Scrimmages – non-official games versus other area high school/club programs.
Orientation for Players and Parents – ongoing communication regarding soccer at HHS – regulations, expectations, traditions, etc. This will include a scheduled parent/player meeting – for all players and parents (Likely Date: Monday August 25 – 7:00pm – at HHS).

Expectations – players should plan on coming to each pre-season session with the following:
Gear – t-shirt (white or gray please), soccer shorts, legal shinguards, cleats, extra gear for rain/cold etc.;

Drinks – bring more than you think you need – it can get very hot during late August – at least two bottles;

Mouth-guard(s) – regulations require mouth-guards for all games – you might as well get used to it during training;

Fitness – if you are not fit before pre-season begins you will not be able to perform up to your ability during tryouts – and – injury becomes much more likely

Ball: a #5 fully inflated ball.

A positive attitude.

Choices – players must make a clear choice between being a “Varsity Candidate” or a “Non-Varsity” candidates. Varsity Candidates have stated that they would like to be considered for the Varsity team and commit to a more extensive pre-season schedule (daily double sessions through most of pre-season). Non-Varsity candidates are not asking to be considered for inclusion on the Varsity roster – and have a lesser commitment during pre-season (single sessions through pre-season). In both instances, the coaching staff will make final decisions regarding team placement. Team placement will occur in stages during the pre-season period – (specific dates will be noted on the pre-season schedule). You will be asked to make a final Varsity – Non-Varsity candidate choice at the organizational meeting on August 17. It is very helpful – and we encourage you –  to communicate this choice to the coaching staff in advance – please email Coach Kennedy with this information.

Should I be a Varsity Candidate? – even if you think you won’t make Varsity this year, but would like to make Varsity in a future year, the best choice is to be a Varsity Candidate. This will provide you with more rigorous pre-season training, let you know how you stand competitively and – perhaps most importantly – let the coaches know that you’re serious about playing soccer. If, on the other hand, you would prefer to forego Varsity tryouts this year – we’re happy to have you out there and this choice will not affect your placement in future years.

I’m going to miss some of Tryouts/Pre-Season – as a matter of policy, players who miss the first week of tryouts or who wait until the beginning of school (August 27) to show up will be placed on the Reserve Team. If their play is subsequently judged to be of strong quality, it is possible that they will be moved to the Jr. Varsity team. Attendance during the first full week of Pre-Season is required for placement on the Varsity team; those who attend a part of the first week may get consideration for the Jr. Varsity team. Injuries or other extenuating circumstances will be dealt with on an individual basis. In the event that you will be starting soccer later than Aug 17 – it is essential that you communicate with us regarding your date of arrival – please do this in advance.

Doug Kennedy  –   dkennedy@dougkennedyadvisors.com

July 29 – Fitness/Skills Session Today (19 Days to Go)

July 29, 2014

Yes – there is a Fitness/Skills session today (Tues 7/29) – 6:00 to 7:00pm at Huntley Meadow, Norwich. Be there.

July 27 – Updated Fitness/Skill Session Schedule; Get Registered – (21 Days to Go)

July 27, 2014


Soccer season draws near, please note the following:

Fitness/Skill Sessions (Revised Schedule) due to some changes in Coach Kennedy’s travel and work schedule, the following will serve as the revised schedule for remaining Fitness/Skills sessions:

  • Tuesday July 29 – 6:00 to 7:00pm – Huntley Meadow
  • Thursday August 7 – 6:00 to 7:00pm – Huntley Meadow (New)
  • August 5 - Canceled
  • August 12 – Canceled

Stay tuned – if schedule changes again – I will add session(s).


Registration – registration must be complete before players can participate in soccer sessions . . . please attend to these matters before August 17. All forms and Participation fees should be dropped off at the Athletic Office at HHS. Forms and other background information can be found on the HHS website:

  • http://hhs.hanovernorwichschools.org/ –  click  the ‘Athletics’ link on the left hand side of the page:
  • scroll down and click ‘Forms & Important Information’ under ‘Info. Schedule, etc.’
  • the resultant page contains all informational documents and required forms for registration.

Any questions regarding registration and forms should be directed to the HHS Athletic Office – Kim Davis or Mike Jackson at 603-643-0655.

  • Note – Participation Fee – the fee for Girls Soccer is $150. (In the event that the participation fee poses a financial hardship for any family please be in direct contact with Mike Jackson – the Athletic Director.)

Please complete your registration before August 17!

July 18 – Updates (30 Days to Go)

July 18, 2014
  • Dan & Whit’s will be in action this evening at 6:30pm at Huntley Meadow – please check assignments and be there if this is one of your games.
  • Coach Kennedy will be retreating to an undisclosed location for a week; as such, Coach Peter Krass will take the coaching assignment for Sunday’s (7/20) Dan & Whit’s Quattro game at Huntley Meadow. Note that game time is 6:00pm.
  • There are no scheduled sessions next week – you should be deep into your personal fitness program at this point.
  • The next Fitness/Skills session is Tuesday July 29 – 6:00 to 7:00pm at Huntley Meadow.
Dan & Whit's readying for action.

Dan & Whit’s readying for action.

July 15 – 33 Days to Go ’til Pre-Season

July 15, 2014

As pre-season draws near, it’s important to be thinking about how fit you’d like to be. Haven’t started yet? . . . it’s not too late, but you’d better get started. Lacking for good ideas? . . . I’ve inserted two new files with fitness/exercise ideas under ‘Summer Fitness ’14’ to the right. Try them out.

It’s raining now – but certain to be a perfect evening for Summer League soccer.

July 13 – Game Today

July 13, 2014

Yes – I know it’s the World Cup Final . . . and yes, I know there might be thunder/lightning . . . but you still need to come to today’s game if you said you’d come.

Additional players welcome for today’s game – just show up.

July 12 – Summer League Game Re-Schedule

July 12, 2014

The Summer League game originally scheduled for Friday 7/11 will be played on Sunday 7/13 (Tomorrow) at 4:00pm at Huntley Meadow. Yes – I am aware and am not happy that this directly conflicts with the World Cup Final – but it’s the only opportunity to play the game. Record the game and watch it Sunday evening.

The following players are ‘assigned’ to the game – please email me right away if you can’t make it:

  • Claire Messersmith
  • Eliza Laycock
  • Abby Smith
  • Sarah Haedrich
  • Ashley Levesque
  • Emma Riccardi
  • Sylvie Alexander
  • Ruby Spitz
  • Katy Fallon
  • Pema Tashi
  • Sylvia Penfield
  • J  –   J Taube
  • Bridget Monahan
  • Julie Montgomery
  • Meredith Ferneau
  • Mimi Osheyack
  • Marion Miller
  • Helena Whitcomb
  • Liz Jarrett
  • Rose Sperry
  • Grace Cooke
  • Iva Wich
  • Hannah Osheyack

See you Sunday -

July 11 – Tonight’s Summer League POSTPONED

July 11, 2014

Although we’ve tried, we can’t find an alternate field for tonight’s game – as such we will postpone and re-schedule . . . NO GAME TONIGHT.

Due to a recently discovered field conflict,tonight’s Dan & Whit’s Summer League game vs. Claremont Women may be: 1) Moved to a new location; 2) Canceled; or 3) Re-scheduled. My apologies for this uncertainty -check back here mid-afternoon for an update.

July 7 – Today’s Game

July 7, 2014

Yes – it’s raining now.

No – it won’t be raining later; game on.

July 6 – Full Roster for July 7 Game

July 6, 2014

We have sufficient players for the Monday July 7 game – this will be a pink shirt game.


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