July 18 – Updates (30 Days to Go)

July 18, 2014
  • Dan & Whit’s will be in action this evening at 6:30pm at Huntley Meadow – please check assignments and be there if this is one of your games.
  • Coach Kennedy will be retreating to an undisclosed location for a week; as such, Coach Peter Krass will take the coaching assignment for Sunday’s (7/20) Dan & Whit’s Quattro game at Huntley Meadow. Note that game time is 6:00pm.
  • There are no scheduled sessions next week – you should be deep into your personal fitness program at this point.
  • The next Fitness/Skills session is Tuesday July 29 – 6:00 to 7:00pm at Huntley Meadow.
Dan & Whit's readying for action.

Dan & Whit’s readying for action.

July 15 – 33 Days to Go ’til Pre-Season

July 15, 2014

As pre-season draws near, it’s important to be thinking about how fit you’d like to be. Haven’t started yet? . . . it’s not too late, but you’d better get started. Lacking for good ideas? . . . I’ve inserted two new files with fitness/exercise ideas under ‘Summer Fitness ’14′ to the right. Try them out.

It’s raining now – but certain to be a perfect evening for Summer League soccer.

July 13 – Game Today

July 13, 2014

Yes – I know it’s the World Cup Final . . . and yes, I know there might be thunder/lightning . . . but you still need to come to today’s game if you said you’d come.

Additional players welcome for today’s game – just show up.

July 12 – Summer League Game Re-Schedule

July 12, 2014

The Summer League game originally scheduled for Friday 7/11 will be played on Sunday 7/13 (Tomorrow) at 4:00pm at Huntley Meadow. Yes – I am aware and am not happy that this directly conflicts with the World Cup Final – but it’s the only opportunity to play the game. Record the game and watch it Sunday evening.

The following players are ‘assigned’ to the game – please email me right away if you can’t make it:

  • Claire Messersmith
  • Eliza Laycock
  • Abby Smith
  • Sarah Haedrich
  • Ashley Levesque
  • Emma Riccardi
  • Sylvie Alexander
  • Ruby Spitz
  • Katy Fallon
  • Pema Tashi
  • Sylvia Penfield
  • J  -   J Taube
  • Bridget Monahan
  • Julie Montgomery
  • Meredith Ferneau
  • Mimi Osheyack
  • Marion Miller
  • Helena Whitcomb
  • Liz Jarrett
  • Rose Sperry
  • Grace Cooke
  • Iva Wich
  • Hannah Osheyack

See you Sunday -

July 11 – Tonight’s Summer League POSTPONED

July 11, 2014

Although we’ve tried, we can’t find an alternate field for tonight’s game – as such we will postpone and re-schedule . . . NO GAME TONIGHT.

Due to a recently discovered field conflict,tonight’s Dan & Whit’s Summer League game vs. Claremont Women may be: 1) Moved to a new location; 2) Canceled; or 3) Re-scheduled. My apologies for this uncertainty -check back here mid-afternoon for an update.

July 7 – Today’s Game

July 7, 2014

Yes – it’s raining now.

No – it won’t be raining later; game on.

July 6 – Full Roster for July 7 Game

July 6, 2014

We have sufficient players for the Monday July 7 game – this will be a pink shirt game.

July 3 – Need More Players for July 7 Game

July 3, 2014

We can still use a few more players for the game on July 7 (Monday July 7 – Game Time 6:30pm – Location: Huntley Meadow). Please email coach if you’d like to play – dkennedy@dougkennedyadvisors.com

Today’s Action – Dan & Whit’s Quattro vs. Touchline Women – 6:30pm at Huntley Meadow – be there!

July 1 – Tonight/Session Time Note

July 1, 2014

Coach might be a few minutes late . . . .

Remember – tonight’s (Tues 7/1) Fitness/Skills Session will run from 6:30 to 7:30pm. Be there.

June 30 – Time Change for July 1 Fitness/Skills Session

June 30, 2014

In deference to a significant TV event late tomorrow afternoon, I am moving the time of the Tuesday, July 1 Fitness/Skills session to 6:30 to 7:30pm – be there!


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